Great Weekend Reads in Photography & Filmmaking

“I can admire, but I no longer covet. Books of course are another matter; books are not acquisitions, they are necessities.” 
― Penelope Lively


The Art of the Personal Project: Hugh Kretschmer – A Photo Editor

How AI Is Changing Photography – The Verge

7 Photographs That Shape the Way Dawoud Bay Thinks – Artnet

How Photographers Fought Through the Tough Times – PDN

Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez Knocks Down the House – Rolling Stone

How Female Directors Broke Out of ‘Movie Jail’ – Guardian

The Unsung Doyen of New York Photography – The Economist

Shooting an Intimate Boudoir Session with Two Grooms – Rangefinder

Shooting a Sundance Doc on 16mm in Just Three Weeks – No Film School

10 Books to Nourish Your Creative Soul This Month – My Modern Met

The New Film Photography – Positive

David Crosby Goes Deep – IndieWire

Latin American Dreams – CFYE

Photographing the Painted Bomber Jackets of WWII – Pixsy

We Freed Ourselves from Documentary Ethics – Filmmaker

Photographing American Identity & Anxiety in Trump Era – Ignant

How NASA Used Art to Shape Our Vision of the Future – Artsy

POTD: There’s No Lonely Like City Lonely

TECH: Panasonic’s New Pair of Pro Cameras | Metallic Inkjet!

DEALS: Profoto Battery Bundle | Space-Saving Parabolic Umbrella




The New York Times’s decision to publish, and then quickly pull down, graphic images of a terrorist attack in Nairobi sparked a discussion of the use of violent images. On the Media talks to Vox’s visuals editor about why the images touched a nerve.



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